The aim of the JRP is to support wider application of novel sensor technologies in future power networks. In order to complement the emergence of the new technologies, the most promising of them have been selected.

The specific objectives are to:

  • design, manufacture and characterise a wideband sensor based on optical Faraday effect for traceable calibration of non-conventional and conventional current sensors on medium and high voltage networks;
  • apply a magnetic shielding technique on Rogowski coil to improve its applicability for onsite measurement and calibration;
  • develop a precision voltage sensor for calibration of non-conventional and conventional sensors in a medium voltage network;
  • develop traceability for new non-conventional techniques not yet commercially available, such as using fibre Bragg grating for interrogation of sensor network, or measurement of capacitive current flow through high voltage capacitor for PQ measurements;
  • test the applicability of the sensors developed in the JRP on existing medium and/or high voltage substations;
  • develop services for calibration of non-conventional sensors with analogue output; and
  • develop services for the calibration of transformers and non-conventional sensors with digital output in line with IECĀ 61850-9-2.